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Investor FAQs
Q: Where are the production bases of Pacific Textiles?
A: Our principal manufacturing facility is located at Panyu within the heart of China’s Pearl River Delta Region, Guangdong Province, China and commenced operations in 1997. To further diversify our geographical reach, we strategically invested in Sri Lanka since 2004 and expanded our operation to Vietnam by establishing knitting and dyeing manufacturing facilities from 2015. We are in the process of building our new factory in Vietnam.
Q: What kind of products does Pacific Textiles offers to customers?
A: We are one of the largest manufacturers of customized knitted fabrics with a focus on complex, value-added fabrics. We are offering two major categories of fabric – weft-knit and stretch warp-knit. For weft-knit category, we have piece dyed, yarn dyed, printed and fabrics with special finishing such as raising, brushing, mercerizing, anti-pilling, sueding, shearing and compacting etc. For warp-knit category, we are offering solid fabric and printed fabric.
Q: What are the competitive edges of Pacific Textiles?
A: We seek to enhance our competitive position by offering a broad range of quality products to deepen our relationships and serve as a “one-stop shop” for end purchasers of the garments made with our products.
Q: How many staff does Pacific Textiles have?
A: As at March 2022, we employed approximately 4,500 full-time employees.
Q: Does Pacific Textiles serve overseas markets? Where are these markets?
A: We are shipping fabric to over 40 countries with final garment destinations to USA, Europe, Japan and Asia.
Q: What is the company's dividend policy?
A: The Company intends to declare a cash dividend in an amount not less than 50% of the consolidated profit attributable to equity holders for each fiscal year, starting from financial year of 2014/2015.
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