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Q: Which stock exchange is DaChan Food traded on? What is the stock code on Bloomberg and Reuters?
A: DaChan Food shares have been trading on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (HKSE) since 4 October 2007, under HKSE code "3999". DaChan Food stock code on Bloomberg and Reuters is "".
Q: What is DaChan Food business model?
A: DaChan operates a highly vertically integrated business model comprising feeds production, chicken hatching and slaughtering, processing of chicken meat and production of processed food.

From the upstream production of feeds, to down stream processed foods, we have developed a platform with great operating efficiencies and product traceability as well as achieving the strictest control over quality.
Q: What are DaChan Food products?
A: DaChan Food sells its chicken meat products under “DaChan” and “DaChan Chicken Kids” brands and sells its processed chicken products under “Snow Yaki” and “DaChan” brands. DaChan Food also sells high quality functional feeds under the reputable brand name “Doctor Nupak”.

DaChan is launching a new strategic brand “Sisters Kitchen” in the fourth quarter of 2007 targeting consumers of modern and robust middle-class.
The “Sisters Kitchen” brand is not limited to chicken meat. It also provides a diversified products range, including soup, sausage, crepes and teriyaki.
Q: Where is the production base of DaChan Food?
A: DaChan Food has more than 30 production facilities, including 15 feed production facilities, 4 hatching facilities, 10 chicken meat production facilities and 4 processed food production facilities in the PRC. To further diversify geographical reach, DaChan also operates 3 feed mills in Vietnam and 1 in Malaysia.
Q: How is DaChan Food production capacity?
A: DaChan Food has remarkable output in all of its production facilities. It is the largest broiler meat processor in China with annual processing capacity of 200 million birds at 10 chicken meat production facilities. DaChan Food is also the largest feeds producer in Liaoning province, the 2nd largest feeds producer in Malaysia and the 3rd largest feeds producer in Vietnam.
Q: Who are DaChan Food customers?
A: With over 17 years of experience and determination to deliver the best to its customers, DaChan has become one of the leading producers of chicken meat, processed food and feeds in the PRC. DaChan is one of the largest suppliers of raw chicken meat to a number of internationally well-known customers such as KFC, Dicos and Husi and McKey, the exclusive chicken meat sourcing agents of McDonald’s in the PRC in 2006.

It has also established stable and long-standing relationship with renowned customers overseas. DaChan Food is the largest processed chicken product supplier in the PRC to Ito-Yokado and 7-Eleven convenience store chain in Japan.
Q: How was the financial performance of DaChan Food?
A: DaChan Food is financially sound and has experienced a very strong revenue growth for the past 3 years with a CAGR of 21.8%. DaChan Food’s chicken meat production is the revenue driver of the Company which contributed approximately 59% of the total revenue in 2006. Its processed food production has recorded the strongest revenue with a CAGR close to 50% in the past 3 years.
Q: How can I contact DaChan Food?
A: Representatives are available to answer your enquiries and help you to learn more about DaChan Food. Please contact the following hotlines and email.
General enquiry:
Investor relations:
Telephone: (86) +10-5904-7500
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