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Last update:2024-07-03
Financial Highlights
(All amounts in Renminbi (“RMB”) million unless otherwise stated)
FINANCIAL DATA 2023 2022 Change
Revenue 13,458 12,295 +9.5%
Cash EBITDA(Note 1) 2,496 2,740 -8.9%
Profit for the Year 185 580 -68.1%
Net Cash from Operating Activities 5,449 1,577 +245.5%
Net Free Cash Inflow (Outflow)(Note 2) 1,568 (2,414) N/A
Net Asset Value per Share (RMB)(Note 3) 1.42 1.42 -
Earning per Share (Basic) (RMB cents) 2.23 7.16 -68.9%
Total Raw Milk Sold (ten thousand tons) 255 233 +9.4%
Herd Size (heads) 450,562 405,358 +11.2%
Average Milk Yield (tonnes/head • year) 12.6 12.2 +3.3%
The Board recommended the payment of a final dividend of RMB0.0045 per ordinary share (2022: RMB0.0142).
(1)Cash EBITDA is defined as earnings before finance costs and tax having added back: i) depreciation and amortisation charged to profit and loss; ii) other gains and losses, net; iii) impairment losses under expected credit loss model, net of reversal; and iv) loss arising from changes in fair value less costs to sell of dairy cows.
(2)Free cash flow is defined as the net cash generated from operating activities less the net cash outflow from investing activities.
(3)Equity attributable to owners of the Company at the year end divided by the number of ordinary shares in issue as at 31 December 2023 and 31 December 2022, respectively.