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As a leader in the construction industry, China Railway Group has always been aspired to become a practitioner, propellant and leader of Corporate Social Responsibility as its mission. Since 2008, it has begun to establish a scientific, standardized, systematic and effective management system of corporate social responsibility, and planned social responsibility from six aspects of benefits to society, scientific development, safety management, environmental protection, staff development, public welfare undertaking. The company launched a series of management practices of corporate social responsibility from the company headquarters to the subsidiary in order to achieve the goal of full-coverage, full-compliance, pursuit for perfection and industry-leading social responsibility, making the irreplaceable and outstanding contribution to a sustainable society.

Environmental Protection

China Railway Group has always regarded the protection of the natural environment as a major task of building a harmonious society and the harmony between man and nature is reflected in the construction process of each project. Before starting every project, the company always organized experts to carefully carry out and construct project environmental influence assessment, to fully demonstrate the environmental protection programs and to develop a detailed program of ecological protection. In construction processes, the company imported environmental protection supervision, increased input of ecologic protection, perfected continuously green procurement system, used energy saving equipments, improved craft process method and studied and used new environmentally friendly materials and other issues to reduce the influence to water, air, vegetation, living creature and protect creature's diversity.

Take Qinghai-Tibet railway as an example, the Group has taken extra precautions to protect the green land, animals, water, and has been particularly cautious when handling waste disposal, avoiding disrupting the fragile ecological environment on the Tibetan Plateau.

In respect of green lands protection, the Group restricted the moving area of the cars and construction machines so as to reduce the damage to the green lands to the minimal. In addition, the Group has taken appropriate measures to enhance the recovery of green lands after the construction works.

Regarding to the protection of animals, the Group has set up specific passages for the wild animals which moves around the Tibetan Plateau. During the migration season of the Tibetan antelopes, the Group suspended the work tentatively to give way to those Tibetan antelopes.

Moreover, the Group has also taken extra caution when handling the construction waste so as not to pollute the land and water of the Tibetan Plateau, minimizing the environmental impact.

To achieve sustainable development, the Group will continue to take into account environmental consideration in its future development projects.

Public Welfare Activities

China Railway Group has actively participated in various public welfare undertakings.

CRG has come out bodily, worked in the first line, and dared to challenge when facing series of serious natural damages, actively take part in the rescue works; broadly participated in the charity affairs, donated both money and materials to help the poor, actively fulfilled the responsibility of central enterprise, and has been highly praised by both the government and public.

CRG insists on the working thought of civilized construction of enterprises and harmonious construction, broadly carried out preferential treatment for families of servicemen, supported construction of police and volunteered for nursing homes, hospitals, streets, communities, schools and other local units. The company fulfilled corporate social responsibility with practical actions, actively promoted social morality and actively built a harmonious society.

CRG has always regarded fulfilling employment responsibility as a core content of the corporate social responsibility. The employees are regarded as partners of the Group instead of mere workers. CRG is devoted to creating a safe and desirable work environment for the employees. Opportunities for training and development are also provided to allow the employees to unleash their full potential and obtain a sense of achievement.

Social Responsibility Report
2010 (please refer to the original report in pdf version, Chinese only)
2009 (please refer to the original report in pdf version, Chinese only)
2008 (please refer to the original report in pdf version, Chinese only)