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For more information or to provide feeback on our investor relation, please contact us at E Ink IR team

, +886-3-5643200

Investor FAQS

Q: When was E INK established and when were E INK shares listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange (TSE)?
Q: What is E INK's fiscal year?
Q: Where can you find more financial information related to E INK?
Q: What is the number of E INK’s outstanding shares?
Q: When does E INK announce its monthly sales result?
Q: Whom may you contact for E INK common shareholder services?
Q: What is the E INK stock code on the Taiwan Stock Exchange (TWSE)
Q: Where can you find E INK historical stock price information?
Q: What is status of E INK’s shareholders?
Q: What date did E INK's GDR list on? Where did E INK's GDR list at?
Q: How many units did E INK's GDR be issued? How many E INK's original stocks does one unit of E INK's GDR commend?

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