Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance

Dear Shareholders,

The outlines for the 2015 business report of E Ink Holdings Inc., as well as operation highlights in 2016 are as below.

2015 Business Report

The global economy in 2015 saw constant fluctuation due to uncertainties. After implementing an organizational restructuring and adding more resources for exploring new markets in 2015, the Company plans to improve its profit position through improved efficiency, increasing margins, and revitalizing idle assets. Under the joint efforts of our colleagues, the Company has shown substantial improvement in efficiency and margins. In 2015, E Ink had a combined revenue of NT$ 13.3 billion, a gross profit of NT$ 4.15 billion with a gross profit margin of 31.2% and a net income after tax of NT$ 539 million. The earnings per share (EPS) for 2015 were NT$ 0.47.

In 2015, the Company continued its investment in electronic paper displays (EPD) to explore new markets and applications. The demand for eReaders remains stable. Our key customers have constantly improved their products to meet customer’s demands and the eReader market continues to be a stable revenue source. Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL) is another major product line which performed very well in 2015. We received requests from global customers to deploy ESL in their systems. The accumulated shipments have reached 60 million units. The Company anticipates this demand to continue in 2016 and believes it can achieve a milestone of 100 million shipped units.

The potential for growth exists in a number of new markets. Many customers are adopting E Ink Mobius™ into their new mobile and wearable products. The Company demonstrated large area EPD designs during Touch Taiwan 2015, including a tiled sign consisting of four 32 inch digital signs, and an E Ink Prism™ wall that can change images and color dynamically which is targeted for architecture applications. These products and markets have the potential for high growth in the coming years.

As EPDs are becoming increasingly adopted in ESL, mobile devices, digital signage, and architecture, the Company has been actively engaged in developing cooperative plans with strategic partners. The goal is to integrate upstream and downstream supply chain resources to expand the EPD ecosystem. This will provide customers with improved and complete design options, making it easier for product designers to adopt EPDs and continue the diversification of the EPD market.

In 2015, the Company saw significant outcomes both in ePaper technology and product development. We launched E Ink Prism™ at CES which received a lot of attention. At SID, we announced E Ink Spectra™ yellow that expands the market for retail applications. Furthermore, E Ink’s wirelessly powered battery-less display won the 2015 Gold Panel “Best Technology Award” for its technology breakthrough, new market application and business possibilities. In addition, the Joan Meeting Room Assistant jointly developed by E Ink and Visionect was named as a CES 2106 Innovation Award Honoree in the Eco-Design and Sustainable Technologies product category. The selection recognizes Joan’s eco-friendly design and reduced environmental impact. Capabilities made possible by E Ink’s EPD technology.

Operation Highlights in 2016


With the foundation set in 2015, the Company will continue a number of strategic projects in operational management, and will develop cooperative projects with our strategic partners. Our goal is to achieve continued growth by together expanding the ePaper market and enable growth for new product applications. To achieve our performance objectives, we will implement the following operational strategies in 2016:

(1) Strengthen the integration of production and R&D to improve production yield.

With the goal of “developing forward-looking technologies”, the Company continues its goal and R&D efforts to develop critical EPD technologies. We have achieved breakthroughs in a number of areas such as front light, touch, flexible and color EPD, and have been adopted in a number of different market applications. As product applications continue to diversify, the Company will establish integrated plans between product management and technical operations to deliver products that are more competitive, better fit the demands of diversified markets, and meet customer product requirements.

(2) Introduce lean production to improve production efficiency

The Company will introduce lean operation techniques not only in production , but also in R&D, product management, and operational units. This will improve production efficiency and optimize cost. We believe this can result in improved product quality, reduced manufacturing time, and a reduction in labor required per unit produced.

(3) Revitalize idle assets

For production lines that are not running efficiently and may contain idle assets, the Company will adopt a number of projects to revitalize assets and enhance operational efficiency.

(4) Actively establish the EPD ecosystem

In order to achieve our goal of increasing revenue and profits a complete ecosystem is needed to support EPD designs. To achieve this, the Company is moving aggressively to form a strategic partnerships with upstream and downstream suppliers; companies in related markets and applications; and promote technology exchange with major component suppliers. The Company will also collaborate with chip suppliers in a joint effort to develop new chip designs to make EPD products more price competitive and more easy to design-in.

(5) Continue to promote new products and application markets

The Company will continue to develop new markets in digital signage, architecture and other high value-add applications. We will collaborate with leading brands, system integrators, channel distributors, and architecture designers to expand our business and markets. We believe this will become a main driving forces for future profits.



The Company is optimistic about the broad applications of ePaper products in both eReader and non-eReader markets because ePaper’s unique characteristics such as ultra-low power consumption, lightweight, flexible, and viewable under all lighting conditions. In a new era of environmentally conscious consumers, energy saving products and product designers wanting to deploy services without incurring the high cost to build out infrastructure, EPD based products have a distinct advantage over other competing options.

In 2016, the Company will strive to improve operational efficiency and allocate more R&D resources. We will continue our efforts in product and technology innovation to create greater value for our customers. With strong support from our staff, suppliers, customers, and partners, we believe we will execute our plan in a pragmatic manner and consistently make progress to running a profitable business, improve shareholder value and meet the expectations of the general public.

E Ink Holdings Inc.

Frank Ko


Chairman & CEO

Board of Directors

Title Name Firm Education & Professional Qualifications
Chairman Frank Ko Representative of Aidatek Electronics, Inc. PhD in Optoelectronics from National Chiao Tung University
Chairman of E Ink Holdings Inc.
Director Shou-Chung Ho Representative of Aidatek Electronics, Inc. Master in Engineering from the University of Wisconsin
Chairman of Sinopac Financial Holdings Co., Ltd.
Director Felix Ho Representative of Aidatek Electronics, Inc. Master in Finance Management from MIT Sloan School of Management
Chairman of YFY Inc.
Director Johnson Lee Representative of Aidatek Electronics, Inc. Bachelors of Economic and Electronical Engineering from Tufts University
General Manager of E Ink Holdings Inc.
Director Chuang-Chuang Tsai Representative of YFY Inc. PhD from the University of Chicago
Chief Technology Officer of E Ink Holdings Inc.
Director Feng-Yuan Gan Representative of YFY Inc. PhD from McGill University in Canada
Executive Vice President of Sales Center, E Ink Holdings Inc.
Independent Director Ten-Chung Chen (Thomas Chen) MBA from the University of Indiana
Co-Founder of Advantech and Former General Manager of Advantech U.S.
Independent Director Biing-Seng Wu PhD in Engineering from the National Cheng Kung University
Chairman of Himax Technologies Inc.
Independent Director Chao-Tung Wen PhD in Urban and Environmental Management from the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Professor and Director, Gradate Institute of Technology and Innovation Management, National Cheng-chi University
CEO, Executive Master of Business Administration, National Cheng-chi University
Director, Center for Creativity and Innovation Studies, National Cheng-chi University

Audit Committee

Name Title
Ten-Chung Chen Chair
Biing-Seng Wu Member
Chao-Tung Wen Member

Compensation Committee

Name Title
Ten-Chung Chen Chair
Biing-Seng Wu Member
Chao-Tung Wen Member