Corporate Governance
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Organization chart 2019

Major Corporate Functions

Chairman’s Office

Foster smooth operation of the Group and strengthen business management mechanisms, to assist the Chairperson in day-to-day administration of the Company, to arrange business schedules, and to carry out designated projects

General Manager’s Office

Responsible for evaluation/formulation of business strategies and other related matters of the company.


Responsible for internal audit functions; ensure the established internal control system is effectively carried out and implemented by the Company and its subsidiaries.

China Public Affairs Department

China-related general affairs and external relations management.

Group General Administration Department

Group general administration and management, capital equipment, and building general management.

Group Information Systems Management

Implementation and planning of computer hardware equipment and software planning, program design, and implementation for internal corporate applications for the Group.


Management of corporate counsel, litigation; reviewing of contracts, trademark patents, legal affairs, and regulatory compliance.

Group Project Management Office

Strategy and project management, process management, and optimization of operations.

Group Financial & Planning Management

Corporate governance implementation, investor relationship management, bank relationship management, fund allocation management, group insurance and risk management, shareholder services management, implementation of corporate governance, accounting management, P&L analysis, Group budgeting and investment planning.

Group Human Resource Management

Planning and integration of Human resource planning and integration, employee benefits planning and implementation, industrial relations coordination, and staff education, training, and development.

Group Public Relationship

Group public relations maintain media exposure and brand image management.

Trading and Sales Department

Planning, development, design, sourcing, sales promotion, and providing clients with information. Client relations management and customer services for products, such as hand tools, home hardware, family suppliers and electronics, seasonal merchandise, stationery, gifts, interior furniture, and IT products.

Trading Brand Development Project

Trading Group product brand management and expansion.

Trading Agency Development

Agency business promotion; provision of information and services for customers.

Account Management

Supporting product client related business.

Customer Sales Operation Management

Supporting trading products.

Group Logistics

Support for logistics management and other related operations of business units.

Group Creative Design & Product Development

Provide research and development designs, artwork, and marketing strategies for new products

Group New Business Development Project

Business related projects of innovative products developed.

Group HTT Sourcing Agency Biz

Test-Rite has the strategic partnerships with our customers to and carry out the agency business on behalf of it’s to provide customer’s product quality and service.

Sourcing Agency Business Group

Promote the agency business and search service.



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