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Our firm has established a spokesman and a deputy spokesman to ensure there is an efficient external communication channel. Stakeholders can also communicate with us via our business sectors, including customer service department, finance department and purchasing department, which have functioned smoothly throughout the years for business operations. If you have any inquiry or request, please don't hesitate leave your message here. We will contact you immediately.

The ethical code of conduct and the whistle-blowing system for internal and external personnel on illegal (including corruption) and unethical behavior:

1. The Company does not allow corruption and any form of fraud by establishing the independent email box and hotline
available to complainants at the Company’s internal portal website and official website. Any person who suspects or finds
any violation to laws or to ethical code of conduct may report the case to any of the following units and provide sufficient
information to the company. Depending on each case, the Company will confidentiality form a dedicated committee
that consisted by related department’s supervisor, legal office supervisor and Human Resources Center supervisor.
The process of investigation and information related to the committee members and concerned parties shall be kept in
confidential and the complainants’ safety must be secured. The process shall also be reported to the Chairman of the

  • 1.1 Affiliation manager.
  • 1.2 Supervisor of Audit dept., Supervisor of Human Resources Center/Employee Relations department or Supervisor of
    legal office & intellectual property right.
  • 1.3 The internal opinion response mechanism established by the Company.
  • 1.4 The channel available to stakeholders.
  • 1.5 or other eligible personnel

2. The internal opinion response mechanism not only offers the employees’ complaining hotline but also sets up the
opinion mailbox exclusive for employees. Employee Relations department acts as the dedicated unit responsible for
organizing seminars for employees periodically, installing the sexual harassment hotline and mailbox, and
organize the “Heart Communication Meeting” chaired by President from time to time. Additionally, the complaint
may be filed to Audit department, Investor relations mailbox, CSR mailbox, customer service mailbox or channel
available to stakeholders may serve as the external communication channel. The Company establishes SHE
communication and consultation management procedure to enable the SHE management system to reach the consensus
within the Company, and also establishes the SHE consultation and communication channel available to the
Company’s external stakeholders. Any complaint will be processed as a special case promptly, and the process
thereof will be reported to the Chairman of the Board. Given this, the Company’s complaining channels are
considered perfect.

3. Employee’s complaint and whistle-blowing shall be investigated under dedicated committee by abiding the relevant
internal control system and be kept in confidentiality subject to the relevant protection mechanism, strictly
keep the complainant’s identity in confidence; unless otherwise provided by the law, personal identity of the
complainant or the whistleblower as well as the related information will be kept in confidential and take
appropriate protective measures in accordance with the law to confirm foresaid information is well preserved
by the relevant protection mechanism.

4. When illegal (including corruption) or unethical behavior is verified after investigation will be deemed as a serious
violation to the rules and regulations of the company, and it shall be approached in accordance with relevant
regulations of the company and local laws and regulations.

Communication Channels:

Item Contact Us

Investor Relations & Media Contacts & Financial Institutions

Rider Chang
CFO and Corporate Spokesperson
03-567-8000 ext. 133203

Robin Yu
Deputy Director
03-567-8000 ext. 133704

Business Contacts

Robert Lu
Sales & Marketing Center
03-567-8000 ext. 133326



George Chiou
General Manager 's Office
03-567-8000 ext. 133500



Katherine Hung
Logistic Center
03-567-8000 ext. 133710



Yuting Wang
Human Resources Center
03-567-8000 ext. 131034


CSR Mailbox

Wei Hsu
Human Resources Center
03-567-8000 ext. 131036


Whistleblower Channel

Auditing Office
03-567-8000 ext. 133216