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Environmental Best Practice & Awards
2011-07-11 Environmental Best Practice & Awards (PDF, 519.09K)
The Group is committed to environmental protection. It has been a honor that our practice of good environmental effort has been well recognized with the Panyu plant accredited Environmentally Trustworthy Enterprise-Green Label (環保誠信企業-綠牌標示) by the Guangdong Environmental Protection Bureau (廣東省環境保護局) and the Certificate of Merit awarded by the Environmental Campaign Committee, Hong Kong for environmental excellence. In addition, we were the first textile entity in China awarded the Certificate of Registration issued by BSI (China) on meeting the Energy Management System GB/T 23331. We also received Greenhouse Gases Emissions Verification Statement from BSI (China) for meeting the principals set out in ISO 14064.

With our solid footing in the textile industry and our continuous investment in technology, several of our premium products were awarded Honor Certificates by the Guangzhou Textile Industry Association (廣州市紡織行業協會) and we were also awarded an Advanced Collective Title of the Country’s Textile Industry (全國紡織工業先進集體稱號) Certificate by both the Division of Human Resources and Social Security (人力資源和社會保障部) and the China Textile Industry Association (中國紡織工業協會) .
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